Monday, December 14, 2009

Malam at Chibi Japan Expo in Paris

Quickly in between two orders...
A few pictures from the Chibi Japan Expo in Paris ( that was in November )
taken by Prof Okashi (thank you so much ! )
I was really happy to see them, especially as I totally forgot to take any!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Corset Dresses and Swallowtail Jackets...

I had some fun recently, making new patterns and reviving previous ones.... and I quite like the results - now I need to make one of each in my size ;-)

blue black corset dress by French fashion designernewspaper print dress with corset French designer

I just received lots of new trimmings and lace I ordered at the last trade show in Paris ...which I can't wait to put to good use!! mmm I love when my place looks like a gigantic fabric mess LOL

sleeveless swallowtail jacket weddings French fashion designer
That's the model I currently am the most in love with ... It looks just perfect on a flared dress or skirt... and actually, on tight pants too!

sleeveless swallowtail jacket in grey by French fashion designer Swallowtail jacket by French designer Malam

Just wondering, I'd love to make it in brighter colors and patterns, but then, it would not be that easy to wear, would it...??

Saturday, September 5, 2009

French sunsets and new top model :)

Can't say I've taken much rest this summer.... but I've been very efficient with new models, so I guess you can't have the best of two worlds :)
Managed to get away 2 weekends wooohooo ^^

Here's the beautiful sunset in Normandy... and a picture taken in the port in Honfleur.

... and the sunset in St Gilles, Vendée.

Not many pics in the daylight, I know... I was too busy sleeping on the beach to take the camera out LOL

The good thing is, since I did not leave, I could meet up with my Russian friend Stas who was in France for a short time. Wouldn't he make a great model ? :))

(Stas wearing a French Mail cowl & (unfinished ! ) plaid pants )

Friday, June 19, 2009

Frock coats - New fabrics

Some pictures of the latest frock coats, taken a while ago...

I can't help it, I am more drawn to darker colors, but I made a huge effort ;-) and made two in clearer tones: a smaller one with roses, and a larger one in aqua green. I like them though :)


Eventually, they'll all be available online... I just need time ;-)

Oh and I found a nice way to accessorize them with bib neckpieces as well ^^

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vintage, I love you

I've been using quite a few really great fabrics recently, wish I could find such ones more often!

(oh and sorry about the long absence - I am probably not organised enough to find time for writing when I am rushing orders ^^ )

First that one you already saw ( but this is a better picture ! ). I've sewn lace flowers and beads on it since then as well.

Then this one, I love this fabric pattern! So happy too :)

These two cowls I made using vintage silk and polyester. I am especially fond of the red and blue association.

I've been creating new things as well, the photo session is planned tomorrow, so stay in tune for the rest ;-))


Friday, April 3, 2009

Exhibition in Paris, April 19th

Spring came back, and exhibitions are coming back along....

First one will be on April 19 th,
as usual
at Pica Pica, 20 rue de Nemours, 75011 Paris
Métro Oberkampf or Parmentier
from 11am to 7pm
A welcome drink will be served, and the bar will be open

There'll be my new clothing and accessories + the permanent collection
as well as
Photography, drawn photographs and canvassed photographs from Yann Pendaries
If you're in France, please come! :-)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brighten up !!

Wow I just spent 3 weeks hardly looking up from my work...

Now the main part is over with, and I think I was a bit tired of making custom orders. That is, it's great, but once all the details are agreed upon, I don't feel as free as when I am creating something from scratch.

So.. to reward myself for all the hard work ;-) I grabbed a piece of vintage fabric I only just bought and made a dress, with some delicate assorted lace on top. I am so happy with it !!! It's BRIGHT ORANGE :-))

and you can find it here:

I think I also needed a bit of spring/summer colors, weather's been a bit dull lately!
What do you think? too bright?

Just to be clear, I am not trying to start a trend of wearing dresses over slacks ;-) It's just that I was a bit lazy, I kept my clothes on. (And it has no buttons yet)

Oh and I promised some pics of what I was working on , here's just a few, the others pics were too blurry, I'm not much of a photographer :-)
That's a corset dress, the "skirt part" is painted too :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Featured steampunk photo

One of the photos from the shooting in the previous post was featured in Gatehouse Gazette, an "online magazine dedicated to the speculative fiction genres of steampunk and dieselpunk".

(Click on the cover to read the magazine)

Nice heh?

I'll soon put up some pics of clothes I'm working on, which are going away this week...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter fashion photoshoot - part 2

And here are a few of the other photos.. There really were more than 500 done haha. The hard part was doing a selection. Yann sent them to me and I sent him a happy message : "Ok, I'm done! I've done my selection! "
Him : "Great! How many have you selected?"
Me: "I've got rid of 250... Means I only have 250 left! "
Him:" Are you joking??? You need to select 25 of them only"
Me: "Aaaaaaargh" * falls off chair *

So enjoy the few ;-)

I love this one :-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter fashion photoshoot

I am so glad the snow stayed a bit for once!!
We had a lot of fun doing pictures in the wood last Sunday...
I was not very warm, can't say the opposite, but it did not last that long :)
I came back still healthy :-)

faux fur cowl snood french designer faux fur cowl winter scarf accessory
New cowl pictures :) I love them :)

steampunk frock coat French designer winter
And these are the first pics of the men's frock coat I made. Hopefully I'll soon get some pics of it worn during a concert :) What do you think of it ?

steampunk swallowtail jacket french clothing designer steampunk jacket and goblin hood dress clothing designer france
I'll put up a few more pics next time :-)
Of course, they were all done by Yann

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New year, new projects...

I'm a bit late, but I'll wish everyone now a very happy new year!!
Mine is starting a bit fast - I think ;-) but I did take a few days of holidays in London, UK

That was in Hyde Park.... with sun, unbelievably!
And the ritual pic in the tube. As you can see, we're all sporting Malam cowls ;-))
Here are a few custom orders I made before Christmas (the pics aren't as good, I know... )

keyhole backless dress black custom backless keyhole dress black lace
That's a keyhole dress in flocked black cotton with roses and black lace with small rhinestones on an ivory background. You don't see them, but I also made assorted gauntlets in black lace on ivory.

custom goblin hood dress red white french toile custom plus size black velvet embroidered frock coat
Two custom orders : a linen French toile dress with a goblin hood and small vintage buttons, and a frock coat in black milleraies velvet with embroideries.

custom leather pleated painted bag
And lastly, a leather and pleather bag with a painted pattern :-)

Now working on some more custom orders, you'll soon get to see the man jacket I told about in a previous post, since I'm supposed to finish it today... ^-^