Wednesday, March 6, 2013


   This story is about a girl who took a look at the online shop to catch up on Malam news and who finally got 10 items in her cart ...!

Like this pretty lagoon-blue blouse...

Blouse Malam bleu turquoise motifs vintage

  Does it sound like something familiar ?  Then... you might be up for a little Malam CHALLENGE.

However... It is reserved to the Newsletter's subscribers ;)

  In the form of a "star hunt"...You will be invited to resolve the stars mystery from 14 to 18 March. 
A very special hunt because THE FASTEST will win a 50 euros purchase coupon :) The second prize will be a 30 euros coupon, and and 20 euros for the third prize.

Unlike for real-estate purchases "Boardwalk" at the Monopoly, you should not hesitate ! Take part in the game !

 To play, subscribe to the Newsletter in the small box to the right of this article... All the necessary information will be sent soon :)

xox :)