Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Corset Dresses and Swallowtail Jackets...

I had some fun recently, making new patterns and reviving previous ones.... and I quite like the results - now I need to make one of each in my size ;-)

blue black corset dress by French fashion designernewspaper print dress with corset French designer

I just received lots of new trimmings and lace I ordered at the last trade show in Paris ...which I can't wait to put to good use!! mmm I love when my place looks like a gigantic fabric mess LOL

sleeveless swallowtail jacket weddings French fashion designer
That's the model I currently am the most in love with ... It looks just perfect on a flared dress or skirt... and actually, on tight pants too!

sleeveless swallowtail jacket in grey by French fashion designer Swallowtail jacket by French designer Malam

Just wondering, I'd love to make it in brighter colors and patterns, but then, it would not be that easy to wear, would it...??