Saturday, September 5, 2009

French sunsets and new top model :)

Can't say I've taken much rest this summer.... but I've been very efficient with new models, so I guess you can't have the best of two worlds :)
Managed to get away 2 weekends wooohooo ^^

Here's the beautiful sunset in Normandy... and a picture taken in the port in Honfleur.

... and the sunset in St Gilles, Vendée.

Not many pics in the daylight, I know... I was too busy sleeping on the beach to take the camera out LOL

The good thing is, since I did not leave, I could meet up with my Russian friend Stas who was in France for a short time. Wouldn't he make a great model ? :))

(Stas wearing a French Mail cowl & (unfinished ! ) plaid pants )


blueditty said...

ooh! Pretty, pretty pics.

Strutt said...

i love his pants haha