Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding outfits :-)

Last week before the holidays... Is very busy, with all the things that need to be finished! Working on new designs, making the last orders, choosing some new fabrics.. and making this summer's wedding outfits:)

It's not something I usually do, I mean I won't make from scratch a new design just for one person, but I can alter one of mine to make something that will suit a special occasion!
I just finished these:

Here, I altered my Goblin short jacket (no hood, shorter sleeves and no closure in the front) and made a coordinated mid-length skirt, in patterned upholstery fabric, with vintage rhinestone buttons. It will be worn with one of the new summer tops, but not the one on the picture, instead it will be pink silk and that same grey patterned fabric as the rest of the outfit, with a zip closure.

The other one was a lot longer to make, and necessitated dress shipping back and forth to England! here, I altered my strapless bustier dress design to make a backless one in silk and voile. Here was the first trial in cheap fabric:
And the final result, with which I am quite happy:-) I had to make it right, since the green silk was bought in Dubai and there was no more of it afterwards!!

I'm eagerly waiting for the pics of these two outfits worn!

Phewww... And what am I going to wear for my cousin's wedding??? I'll have at least two days to think about it after I come back from holidays.. ;o) You know, shoemakers are the ones with the worst shoes ;o)
By the way, I'm going to the north of Poland, so if anyone wants to recommend a place to visit, I am all ears!

And in the meantime, thanks a lot to those who participated in my "poll" concerning the summer tops:)
i think i'll make more of the pink and blue ones then :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New summer top design

Among many many things such as preparing new models for septembre, trying to finish all the orders before closing for the holidays, and hmmmm... preparing my holidays... ;o) I spent some of my week making new summer tops which look like this:

I will offer them in limited edition of about 10 maximum (some will be unique though :-)) in three ready-made sizes and custom sizes of course.
Here are the combinations I have come up with so far...

Which one(s) do you like best?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I knew it was well worn :-)

I did say this neckwarmer was very well worn, didn't I?

Well, thanks to missbeahaven, it was on Etsy front page tonight :-))

(i did not manage to take a full screenshot though...)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Runway show and designer fair

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the last designer fair I went to was taking place in this castle, near Nancy, in the eastern part of France.

I am quite pleased with the way my tent looked! By chance, I was under the same tent as a friend who makes beautiful jewelry, and has the same kind of "universe" as I do, so it really looked like both sides of the tent were really one thing. It got funny though after a few people asked "But how do you find the time to make ALL this???" "Mmmm... actually I only make the clothes :-)"

A big show was organised in the evening, to showcase all the talents reunited there, among which various dancers, costumed artists... here are pictures of the runway, where lovely models showed off Malam clothes. Some of them are pictured below...

steampunk frock coat and petticoat by French fashion designer
blue overalls and cropped sleeveless jacket French fashion designer
(All pictures by Yann. )

cropped hooded jacket by French fashion designer
red dress and lace jacket by French fashion designer

It was a bit stressful to help the models into the clothes in the dark (because the light from the window of the castle would have been seen by the audience.. . so we had no light :-/ )
 but the result was great all the same!
 One of the dresses actually got sold right afterwards :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unique fashion accessories for the men !

 patched and striped masculine cowl or scarf, with pieces of newspaper print fabric

Before I write about the runway show...
Here are my latest additions to my masculine neckwarmer range. For my part, i think they are beautifully worn !!

 fabric patchwork neckwarmer as an ideal gift for men  brown fabric patchwork neckwarmer as an ideal gift for men

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to create an ambiance - (Part II) - Technical tips...

So.. the main elements were set, but I still needed a few extra things to complete it!

First, an elegant tablecloth to hide my round folding table's horrible plain legs!
This was realised using pale blue sateen cotton, and 3 old white crochet window curtains:)

Very quickly, how to make this simple tablecloth...
The first step is to measure the table's diameter and twice the height. This way, I needed a 2,50m wide round tablecloth. Of course, my piece of fabric came in a 1,40 width, so I cut in it a 1,40m side square, folded it in 4, and traced a quarter of a circle on the side that looked up to me.

I then sewed the three window crochet panels end to end together, and assembled them to the blue fabric, with little pleats every 5cm to make them hang nicely from the center of the tablecloth. And that's it, easy peasy ;o)

I also needed to fit my mirror in the frame I had... but the mirror-cutter did a wrong move and cut 20cm too many :-/
Hence I moved to plan B...

Making a frame from a wood beading, cut to the right dimensions, painted in brown, and glued to the front of the mirror panel.

Once everything was dry, I brushed gold paint irregularly on the frame with a tissue.

And this is how you get a wonderful vintage-looking frame ;o)

I also needed to fill all the old frames supposed to decorate the booth. I measured them all, and chose a set of pictures to print at the right size... after having given them an "old canvas" effect, such as the neckwarmer picture below.

I was taking part in another designer fair before the "castle" one, so I tested my decoration there... I had almost as many comments about the decoration as about my clothes ;o)

My dear helpers Yann and Hélène helping me set up the booth, and more exactly, trying to fix the folding screen ;)

Pictures of the booth taken by Yann