Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brighten up !!

Wow I just spent 3 weeks hardly looking up from my work...

Now the main part is over with, and I think I was a bit tired of making custom orders. That is, it's great, but once all the details are agreed upon, I don't feel as free as when I am creating something from scratch.

So.. to reward myself for all the hard work ;-) I grabbed a piece of vintage fabric I only just bought and made a dress, with some delicate assorted lace on top. I am so happy with it !!! It's BRIGHT ORANGE :-))

and you can find it here:

I think I also needed a bit of spring/summer colors, weather's been a bit dull lately!
What do you think? too bright?

Just to be clear, I am not trying to start a trend of wearing dresses over slacks ;-) It's just that I was a bit lazy, I kept my clothes on. (And it has no buttons yet)

Oh and I promised some pics of what I was working on , here's just a few, the others pics were too blurry, I'm not much of a photographer :-)
That's a corset dress, the "skirt part" is painted too :)