Saturday, May 19, 2012

Floral or plaid? ... Or both?

Gantelets tartan écossais bleu pétrole
Something is in the air... a spring feeling !!!  (at last... )
Have you noticed it ?
And something else as well ...

You see them everywhere... you like them, or not... and if not, you might change your mind when looking at the Lost dolls collection... Little flowers... And tartan patterns...
 Because on Malam pieces, floral prints are different, because of vintage, unique and quality prints.

And this changes everything, it's fashion but not sheep-like, trendy but not Miss Everyone. And this, we LOVE.
You think about English cottages, Laura and Vivienne, punk... yes, Malam style is also so British!
Personnally I wear both floral and plaid prints at the same time. But you can have a more decisive vision on this and totally refuse to mix the styles...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fashion find : Floral headband

Romantic and really glamourous… this headwrap is just the best :)
It can be worn as the final detail of your wedding outfit.. or as the main element of your daily look.
Because this floral headband is perfect for princesses on the run, queens in official representations, or the hair of the Bride and her bridesmaids...

The ultimate princess dream: Order yours, one of a kind, just for you!
After the parties, it will become your favorite wrap belt.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photo contest : Win 100€ of creations !

A little contest for the lovely month of May ...  
Between May 5th and June 15th,
You can win a 100€ coupon on Malam creations ( ) by sending me one photo (or several) of you wearing a Malam creation, or, if you don't own one, by sending me a photo/ picture / drawing... representing or inspired by the collection.

The images will be added to the album "You in Malam"

Then, share it!
The 3 images which get the most "likes" between May 5th and June 15th, 2012, will win a purchase code valid on Malam creations.
1st prize: A 100€ coupon code
2nd prize: A 50€ coupon code
3rd prize: A 25€ coupon code
(Coupon codes are not exchangeable for a monetary counterpart, they are only valid on Malam creations)

One person can only be eligible to one prize. If he/she gets more than one top rank, he/she will only receive one prize (the highest of the 2 or 3 prizes). The following prizes will go to the next ones in ranking.

Photos which are already in the album will also take part in the competition, but the "likes" already on them before May 5th will not be counted.

You can send your photo by publishing it on the page, send it to me by private message, or by email to 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring outfits : a few ideas ...

Currently in full season transition, it's so difficult to choose our daily outfits... Boots and other high shoes are going back to the cupboard to sleep through the warmer months, after loyally helping our little feet.
Ambiance is now to some leg showing, heel clicking and skirt flowing... Spring is showing the tip of its nose, but it's hardly here for good...

Fashion addicts, mommies, cool people… be careful !!!
Let's do everything little by little : OK for platforms or T-bar sandals, but with socks (neon colored.. or not), thin or thick depending on your outfit (and of the temperature).

So, an idea: put on your Jude dress, so springy, without a top underneath, but with a Chameleon wrap, knee-high socks, platform sandans, and... the detail... a headband in your Raiponce hair ( or normal hair, this also works! ) This winter, you would not go out without your fingerless gauntlets, this summer, you won't leave without your headband

A variant would be to wear a swallowtail jersey cardigan over it, but if you're not up for that, wear your hooded cape... plaid-patterned or not... and if I am a little more into fashion, I'll choose a floral print....

I suppose it is quite useless to remind you that purchasing a MALAM cape with hood is a good investment, with a quick ROI, since you can wear it at least 6 months in the year (unless of course if you live in Brazil or other really hot countries ).. It's timeless so it cannot go out of fashion, and you can still legate it to the next generation (not exaggerating at all here.. ;))

And since we're keen on skirts at the moment... the best is just the high waisted Malam skirt, with its straps and a perfect fit (again, not exaggerating ... )

As a conclusion, let's be spring-minded, without risking pneumonia, this is called being a reasonable fashion-addict (like agriculture, really ?).