Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall Designer Fair in Strasbourg

Finally, the designer fair time has come and gone ! It was in Strasbourg this week-end (in the East of France), which is a really nice city. I wish I could have stayed one more day to visit... and to see it in the daylight!

I did not bother too much about the booth, since it is all ready to set up now ! I just had to finish a lot of pieces to show there... The hard part about it was having to get there for 7 am in the cold ;o) It took us only 3 hours to set it up.

Many different crafts were exhibited there: painting, sculpting, metalworking... Made me wish I had a big house and enough money to buy one of each!

There weren't too many visitors on the first day, since it poured down all day long. This is how I realised the tent was waterproof... only up to a certain amount of water !

But the following day was great, it even almost felt like summer ;o) Luckily, there was two of us to welcome people on the booth, because I would never have coped with the crowd by myself ^-^

All in all, it was a tiring, but great fair. And now... I'm off to start all the custom orders!