Saturday, January 10, 2009

New year, new projects...

I'm a bit late, but I'll wish everyone now a very happy new year!!
Mine is starting a bit fast - I think ;-) but I did take a few days of holidays in London, UK

That was in Hyde Park.... with sun, unbelievably!
And the ritual pic in the tube. As you can see, we're all sporting Malam cowls ;-))
Here are a few custom orders I made before Christmas (the pics aren't as good, I know... )

keyhole backless dress black custom backless keyhole dress black lace
That's a keyhole dress in flocked black cotton with roses and black lace with small rhinestones on an ivory background. You don't see them, but I also made assorted gauntlets in black lace on ivory.

custom goblin hood dress red white french toile custom plus size black velvet embroidered frock coat
Two custom orders : a linen French toile dress with a goblin hood and small vintage buttons, and a frock coat in black milleraies velvet with embroideries.

custom leather pleated painted bag
And lastly, a leather and pleather bag with a painted pattern :-)

Now working on some more custom orders, you'll soon get to see the man jacket I told about in a previous post, since I'm supposed to finish it today... ^-^


mchen said...

Happy 2009, Ms. Malam. I'm a fellow etsian (and a fan) who clicked my way to your lovely blog from your spot on the front page (you're on it right now!)... You are one talented chiquita, and seeing your stuff always makes me want to dust off my serger. Congratulations on following your heart and doing what you love!

Carol said...

Beautiful designs...beautiful blog!

fly tie said...

happy '09!

oooh..the embroidered coat is divine. lovely pieces.

i've been feeling a bit out of it where designing is concerned, but you really inspire me.

ruru said...
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