Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter fashion photoshoot

I am so glad the snow stayed a bit for once!!
We had a lot of fun doing pictures in the wood last Sunday...
I was not very warm, can't say the opposite, but it did not last that long :)
I came back still healthy :-)

faux fur cowl snood french designer faux fur cowl winter scarf accessory
New cowl pictures :) I love them :)

steampunk frock coat French designer winter
And these are the first pics of the men's frock coat I made. Hopefully I'll soon get some pics of it worn during a concert :) What do you think of it ?

steampunk swallowtail jacket french clothing designer steampunk jacket and goblin hood dress clothing designer france
I'll put up a few more pics next time :-)
Of course, they were all done by Yann


ultimatum said...

Great images, very high quality. Keep up the good job.

Carol said...

Absolutely beautiful shots! I'm fascinated by your blog and website.

Rosebud Collection said...

Wonderful shots..The coat is really nice..

Beth said...

Just wonderful!

The coat looks great on you too.

LB Accessories said...

wow, your photos look wonderful! They all came out so nicely!

Emily said...

Wow the photos look really professional :) Love the coat too!

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fly tie said...

lovely photos! i really like the style of the first dress, and the mens frock coat is nice. beautiful work.

Bench rules said...

I love all the pictures!!especially the last ones

Diane said...
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