Friday, July 27, 2012

Enchanted clothing - Snow White

'Someday my prince will come...'

We all know so well that this blah blah is only some fairy tale sweet-talk that does not exist in real life. But at the same time we would love to be a princess. And this year, to be a movie princess, you only have to be Snow White!

© Universal Pictures International France

Whether in a movie or elsewhere, Snow White is far from being a has-been princess, who only knows how to eat a rotten apple and lie in bed waiting for Prince Charming... An enchanting world, indeed, but Snow White in 2012 is a total warrior. Or more like a lovely young lady wearing haute couture dresses. In Rupert Sanders' movie, she is wearing leggings and a dark armor... dark and effective just like the character.

Her mean witchy stepmother wears a really gorgeous cape, maleficient and splendid as the same time (a nice little princess should be able to wear it for a cocktail or other reception)!
As for the mean stepmummy's wardrobe, whether in this movie or in another one, it is glamorous, well-stocked and really sumptuous: I was like 'OMG, so jealous!!'
Fashion and nice costumes are not strictly reserved to nice young ladies, yeaaay! Concluding from this, however, that you have to become mean to be able to wear Queen gowns...!

The queen of movie costumes, Colleen Atwood, has made a really exceptional and fairy-like work: indeed her costumes's purpose is to dress up the characters of the movie, but that's not the only thing as you get to understand the story only by looking at her clothes. The cuts, the fabrics and colors play a big part in the movie. And it is no surprise if the lady has already won multiple Oscars: in 'Chicago' (Rob Marsahall, 2003), 'Memoirs of a geisha' (2005), and for Tim Burton's re-adaptation of Lewis Carroll's book, Alice in Wonderland (2010).

Let's dream... we are really looking forward to Hollywood's call for Malam princess dresses ;-) 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mint green addiction - Summer fashion

Via Decor to Adore
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A gentle summer breeze is around the air... I happen to be kind of Mint Green obssessed these days. This is  no joke,everywhere I go, all I see is mint green. This beautiful color seems to be THE color of this summer and looks gorgeous with and in every outfit...

Especially, I want (need ! ) this bag :

Sabrina Paris bag
 And I couldn't resist making this mint green little bolero... Tadaaaaaam!

I do think this is both related to my sea addiction (and to all lovely things actually) and to my 'half-tones' colors addiction, and I am not gonna escape this one as I already am into mint.


Monday, July 16, 2012

High-waisted - Focus on skirts


Whether the temperatures are high or low, skirts must be worn in Girlsland, well maybe not everyday but you definitely have to show your beautiful legs! Here we are in love with skirts and even more fond of playing with them... You can find treasures such as Malam's wrapped skirt, in limited edition, and inimitable cuts... we all know them well, we like and totally love them!
And now you can also find the high-waisted skirt collection...

 You really become addicted to it instantly. I insist as having a Malam high-waisted skirt is just magic: whether it's day or night, on high or flat heels, at winter or summer time... A high-waisted skirt with uspenders is the new MUST HAVE of your wardrobe!

You choose. But don't hesitate to ask Marie that will help you choose an original high-waisted skirt with a smile. Your perfect choice made to measurements... Good shopping! ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer and Party Strapless dresses

Strapless dresses, my top pick for the day !
It is indeed a must have… how can you live without one?? That's definitely impossible.

Because :
*its cut is to die for, a perfect fit, a real (yeah, you can find false ones...) strapless dress that makes you even more pretty and shape your body.
*some pieces, such as this one, are exceptional : a very trendy print but that no one has in his closet and this... is magic, such a wonderful feeling.
Trendy but different!
* this very print is full of memorey. And I dare say that this is a print of the collective memory but not "has been".

Let's just say that this is every woman's dream: pretty styling, perfect fit, not looking like everyone else and having your own style… so next year and the year after, you will wear your dress again, which will always be as pretty as today and always as exceptional (just like you)!!

And you can also find in the shop other strapless bustier dresses with other prints and colors... Pure happiness, let me tell you ;-)