Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter SALE on handmade clothing creations

First... a very happy new year to you !!!

A new year, a new start... and making some space for some new things in the stock,
 with sale discounts on a wide selection of creations !

Come by the shop to find something you like !
(The sales are also on Alittlemarket and Etsy)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bring in your friends.. and get free creations :-)

Hey... Did you know about the Malam referral program ?

Tube Col Echarpe Lin Postal France

  1.  If you have a friend who likes original, handmade clothing :) 
  2. And you have already an account in the shop with which you have already ordered at least once.
If your friend registers and makes a purchase, tell her/him to enter your mail address as the referral.
You will then receive a coupon code, valid on the whole shop, of 10% of your friend's total first purchase amount (shipping excluded) :)
You can use it on you next order ! Referral codes are cumulated automatically, you receive one with the first purchase of each of the friends that you refer.
Thus, Malam ADDICTS,  what matters is your friends ! Take this opportunity to make them discover Malam handmade fashion, and benefit from it too ! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

More space! Say hello to my new workshop :)

I've (FINALLY!) found a bigger workshop (from 40 to 105 m2), I've also moved out and moved in with my huge stock of fabrics, clothes and machines :)

Two weeks after the move, and a lot of moving things around later, here was the final result

Nice, isn't it ? (And still quite organised on this picture, it's a bit messier one month later :p )

Just in case, here is my new address and phone number:
20 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 
94200 Ivry sur Seine
+ 33 1 71 56 62 08

You always can find my eshop on

See you soon :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New collection, new video...

It's all done, the video for the new collection is in the box :)  
And it was quite an adventure ! 

Day 1: First of all, getting everything and everyone in the cars, for a 2-3h ride to the video place.

  A little bit squashed, but still alive at the end !

Day 2: Video & photo shooting for some...

and while some are working...  

others take advantage of a few hours rest !

Day 3: End of the shooting, everyone is quite tired, but still smiling for the final photo :)

And now..  a few weeks later, here's the result :-)

You can already find the new designs on the Malam e-shop
And very soon on Etsy !

Monday, July 22, 2013

New weather, new clothing

After a long hibernation due to bad weather, my creativity shows up !

And, I make, I design, I stitch, and I can't stop ... All this for your pleasure ( I hope) ! 

The Malam's golden rule is muted colours, prints and vintage, you will be not disappointed ;)

Here are a few new creations :
Purple and white sleeveless top with grey flowers

Ball bag with blue/turquoise patchwork

Beige sleeveless top with pink flowers

Bolero with geometrical pattern (SOLD)

Sateen dress

Sleeveless top with leaf pattern

You will find them all in the online shop.

As well as on Etsy and A Little Market

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Sales at Malam's, here we go !

Waiting IMPATIENTLY for the sales... they're here at long last :-)

And you won't be disappointed, because some older designs have been discounted

From 15 to 60%  !!

I've prepared a selection of colorful, original and 100% Malam designs ;)

Let's gooooooooooo !

When the sun shows up, let me suggest this sleeveless floral top in mesh and sateen. Cuteness guaranteed !

-47% discount
From 43€ to 23€

And, if the heat hasn't arrived yet, there is a long jacket with pleated collar or this short sleeves triple bolero handmade from vintage & handdyed fabrics..

-42% discount
From 85€ to 49€
-38% discount
From 255€ to 157€

Then, an assymetrical skirt in beige and grey tons, a one of a kind item, very original and enchanting :)

-31% discount
From 170€ to 117€

For bustier fans, this underbust bustier in a vintage turquoise and pink cotton ( love that fabric & colors !)
It will enhance a more classical dress or top ;)

-32% discount
From 87€ to 59€

I don't really have enough space to show the whole sale selection. But, you can find them all on the shop online. Just click here :)  
Or on Etsy here :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fashion trends for summer

Tired of grey out and cold that freeze your nose in two seconds ... ?

Sunny days are arriving soon (hopefully :/ ) ! And Summer clothing will make you smile  :)

On all the famous podiums, at the Fashion Weeks in Paris or Milan, we saw art, fabrics, fashion trends...
Lots of intense colors and floral patterns: green, yellow, blue! There is something for everyone !!

Unmissable yellow: 

Sofa, lamp...  Anything goes !
A yellow Malam skirt to wear and bring the sun in your day ;)

Flower Power: 

Wonderful assymetrical skirt with floral pattern to brighten up our summer  :)

Short floral cloche skirt by Malam.

Oh !! Wall paper are also in fashion :)  Do you need flowers you want, here they are !
Photo crédit. Castorama 

Well, colors are very nice, but fortunately for our wardrobe lace and ruffles are also out for this season

Delicateness and refinement HELLO :)

The light pink headband is perfect for original weddings
Crédit. Maison & Objet

Lace and beige/pink tons for this original and delicious skirt by Malam

Ruffles and lace are here too

Furniture love... light tones and lace bedspreads.
Crédit. Zara Home

And plaid comes back younger and more trendier than never !

See by yourself:

Pretty plaid dress by Malam (prototype)
Detail of plaid and lace dress for an awesome result !

Even bags are getting into the checkered look ! And it's prettier than beach bags :)
Crédit. BalenciagaTendances