Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall Fashion Sneak Previews

I'm currently being taken over by time... My next exhibition is in two weeks, and will take place in another beautiful castle, see by yourself...

Of course I am not totally ready, but now that September is beginning, I really feel holidays are over... So I'll start serious work tomorrow? I always want to make a gazillion new things before a show :)

Thanks for your comments on my look proposals! I relied a bit on it for my last photo session...
Here are a few sneak peaks of what will be next in my shop :-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to accessorize a dress - 3 different styles

On this rainy Sunday (if this is summer, what is winter going to be like??.. :-/), I decided to inaugurate a new category: how to wear one item of Malam clothing in three different styles :)

Today is : How to wear a fairy dress

short purple dress by French fashion designer Malam

Malam painted dress
Malam hooded short jacket
Black mid-calf boots bought in Prague

Plaid tartan pinup dress by French designerMalam painted dress 
Handmade silver vintage lace embroidered necklace by Nevaleen, bought in Paris
Purple and Black lace patterned high-heeled shoes by Inamagura, bought in Köln

Rock plaid checkered dress by French designer
Malam painted short dress
Malam black capri pants
Bershka soft leather jacket
Thrifted high heeled small boots

What is your favorite style among the three?
And how would YOU wear it yourself?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Online Shop :-))

One more "done" thing on my list... I just finished setting up my new online shop today!
It's France-based, but everything is translated in English too. I know, I know, only half of the German translation is done though, and I'm not too sure it's done well either... I think I am going to have to bribe my Berlin-based sister to correct it ;)

Here's the baby :)

I tried to give it the same feel as my booth ;) I used old wallpaper from a castle as a background, and an old wooden frame for the side boxes:)

I intend to add a new section soon, where it will be possible to design one's own garment (as in: choose the fabric, the trimming, the buttons...)

Tell me what you think about it!

P.S. Help me spread the word about it by linking to it or writing about it... Tell me you have and I'll send you a 4 months illimited discount code on it :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Steampunk Corset Dress - Custom Work

Well, well well... I'm back from holidays... Seems like I was never gone really! When are the next ones?? ;o)

Here is a dress I custom-made in July - I only recently got the pics, courtesy of Helene.

steampunk corset dress French designer steampunk dress french designer

It was long, but quite fun to make actually!
This is a variation of my fairy dress, with a corset piece, black lace trimming, painted compasses in black and bronze, straps, watch parts, vintage metal buttons, two brooches and a shoulder decoration, a black lace ruffle trimmed petticoat...

It was a joint design collaboration, and what's funny is that, a few days later, I found this drawing I did last year, when thinking about new variations :)

(I have tons of drawings waiting ... but never enough time to make them come alive :-)

I took advantage of this custom order to make the pattern for it and grade it to the next sizes, so... get ready for some more corset dresses! Here's the first one ;o)
EDIT : It is now sold though. But others are available here
corset dress custom french designer