Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashion find: the Victoria winged Jacket

Already September! Autumn is coming really soon. So bye bye summer clothes (*sigh*) and let's say 'welcome back' to your favorite jackets. 

Problem #1: you don't have any favorite jacket in your wardrobe (which is in a total mess after coming back from your holidays...)

Problem #2: you absolutely CAN'T wear something that you already wore last year, the year before, and the year before... !!

mhmmm *mumble* what to do??!!

SO, you definitely have to go shopping to start afresh with this "new year" of HARD work coming (and let your girl friends &; co-workers be jealous, it's worth it, hehe...)

And MALAM has the perfect solution for you ;)

Remember last year? We made a special short and original jacket for the MALAM fashion show during the Fashion Week in London.


Yes, that's it, this very pretty Victoria cropped jacket!

You liked it SO much... so that Malam decided to make a few more in different fabrics, for this fall-winter collection!!

Black? Blue? Red? Velvet? Light fabric? Vintage? New fabrics, new prints, embroideries...

No Problem AT ALL. Malam made the perfect combinations just for you. Here you go! :D

    Rendez-vous at Malam's boutique for more lovely and unique designs, more original jackets, and CUSTOM MADE ones  ;)

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Melissa said...

These jackets are all beautiful! Such a unique look.

<3 Melissa