Monday, August 27, 2012

New season and a new dress for the website


It was about time to make some changes at Malam...
We were thinking about it, and FINALLY did it! If you now go to you'll be happy to discover a whole NEW world. A world a bit more adapted to the boutique's appearance. 
I swear, it's true!!

FIRST: we changed the homepage. Cute isn't it?
SECOND: we changed the banner, to make it look a bit more like the boutique's...

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: we changed every remaining things - both appearances & contents! 

The buttons, the wedding page, the gallery page, Malam ('about us')'s page, and we added a News page, in order for you to see, more easily, what's new (videos...) at Malam!! 

A unique webpage for unique creations: hooded coats, custom made wedding dresses, patchwork cowls, original accessories, designer tops, vintage, jersey, lace, silk, ... in short, everything HANDMADE ;)

What do you think about the new site?

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