Monday, October 1, 2012

New collection ... A video in the make

Well, I should have written this article last week but... I really didn't have time... OK let's not make up excuses.

SO last weekend, I went with my mini dream team (a photographer,  a film director,  2 beautiful models, a wonderful make-up artist, my assistant and I of course ;)) to a magical and SPLEN-DID castle, 3 hours away from Paris... for the long-awaited filming of the video of the new Malam designs. No less!

AND as at Malam we love (hand) making things, but most of all we love them well-done... the video is still in work-in-process. "Owww but we're dyyying from waiting!!!" you'd say (or not) but DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY. Here is a little thing for you ;)

Some pics from the video almost in preview (yes, you might have already seen them on FB). But, anyway, just for the fun of it ;)

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