Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to create an ambiance - (Part II) - Technical tips...

So.. the main elements were set, but I still needed a few extra things to complete it!

First, an elegant tablecloth to hide my round folding table's horrible plain legs!
This was realised using pale blue sateen cotton, and 3 old white crochet window curtains:)

Very quickly, how to make this simple tablecloth...
The first step is to measure the table's diameter and twice the height. This way, I needed a 2,50m wide round tablecloth. Of course, my piece of fabric came in a 1,40 width, so I cut in it a 1,40m side square, folded it in 4, and traced a quarter of a circle on the side that looked up to me.

I then sewed the three window crochet panels end to end together, and assembled them to the blue fabric, with little pleats every 5cm to make them hang nicely from the center of the tablecloth. And that's it, easy peasy ;o)

I also needed to fit my mirror in the frame I had... but the mirror-cutter did a wrong move and cut 20cm too many :-/
Hence I moved to plan B...

Making a frame from a wood beading, cut to the right dimensions, painted in brown, and glued to the front of the mirror panel.

Once everything was dry, I brushed gold paint irregularly on the frame with a tissue.

And this is how you get a wonderful vintage-looking frame ;o)

I also needed to fill all the old frames supposed to decorate the booth. I measured them all, and chose a set of pictures to print at the right size... after having given them an "old canvas" effect, such as the neckwarmer picture below.

I was taking part in another designer fair before the "castle" one, so I tested my decoration there... I had almost as many comments about the decoration as about my clothes ;o)

My dear helpers Yann and Hélène helping me set up the booth, and more exactly, trying to fix the folding screen ;)

Pictures of the booth taken by Yann

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Felicia said...

I love how you've made all this stuff! The mirror is brilliant.