Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to create an ambiance ... (Part I)

When I learnt I was going to take part in a fair in a castle, I thought...No way I was going to have plain white tent walls! I needed to have a castle-worthy decoration:-)

A few flea markets later, I had almost everything I needed:
- an old steamer trunk I fell in love with... The inside was all dirty so my mum and I made it like new again by gluing bluewallpaper inside, cleaning and varnishing the outside, sticking bits of old newspapers on the side...( and I glued back inside the old picture that was under the lid!)

- a second, smaller trunk because it was lovely too, and shone like new once revarnished
- a wicker folding screen my mum revarnished

- a round folding table
- a small chandelier to light up the scene.

I had the choice between two chandeliers, but I think I chose the best one :-) For what I needed at least! My mum made the second one on the right from an old lantern.

Oh, and I needed a better mirror than the plain one I had been using so far, and which would not have fit at all in the castle ambiance! So, from another flea market, came this easel. We made a mock up of a mirror with a frame that we had, and I planned to cut my plain mirror to the frame's dimension.

Rummaging in the attic, we found the rest of the necessary elements:
- satin curtains
- old frames
- a bronze vase
- a red carpet
- a candelabrum

I was told I would have a 9m2 tent to myself, so we did a mock up of the setting... I was quite happy with it! I had to refrain from preparing more decoration though, because... I had to fit the clothes racks somewhere :-)
This was a full week-end's work, but... It was worth it, wasn't it?


Walk in the Woods said...

Awesome! Great finds and you put it all together so, so, so cool!

(I'll be back!)

Felicia said...

Love how this turned out!