Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Runway show and designer fair

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the last designer fair I went to was taking place in this castle, near Nancy, in the eastern part of France.

I am quite pleased with the way my tent looked! By chance, I was under the same tent as a friend who makes beautiful jewelry, and has the same kind of "universe" as I do, so it really looked like both sides of the tent were really one thing. It got funny though after a few people asked "But how do you find the time to make ALL this???" "Mmmm... actually I only make the clothes :-)"

A big show was organised in the evening, to showcase all the talents reunited there, among which various dancers, costumed artists... here are pictures of the runway, where lovely models showed off Malam clothes. Some of them are pictured below...

steampunk frock coat and petticoat by French fashion designer
blue overalls and cropped sleeveless jacket French fashion designer
(All pictures by Yann. )

cropped hooded jacket by French fashion designer
red dress and lace jacket by French fashion designer

It was a bit stressful to help the models into the clothes in the dark (because the light from the window of the castle would have been seen by the audience.. . so we had no light :-/ )
 but the result was great all the same!
 One of the dresses actually got sold right afterwards :-)


Anonymous said...

WOW! This was at a castle? SO cool! The runway looks amazing, you did a great job!

Anonymous said...

wow you did an absolutely stellar job on that! congrats and hats off to you! i really like your style, chika! oh, and also i accidentally loaded my link twice for my ad- could you possibly remove the one for me with the text you can't see (should be on the right).

thanks, i would really appreciate it-- i couldnt figure out how to do it! :-X

LisaPV said...

wow, amazing! Great information and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

thatissocute said...

This is fabulous! Love the tent - it would draw me right in to start browsing. And a castle? What a backdrop for your gorgeous clothes!

Bling It said...

I love the pants in the middle pic....love these...

Jennifer DeDonato said...

how totally cool was that? wow! your booth look amazing and the runway was really cool. you have great style.