Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome :-)

Hi and welcome:)
I'll try to keep this blog up with pictures and relations of events, latest designs, and anything that relates to my work as a fashion designer.
I am preparing a small article about the latest designer fair I took part in, in a castle in the Eastern part of France... and in the meantime, feel free to browse here and here


Anonymous said...

wow malam, your work is very beautiful. excellent job! and yes, i would love to have my site advertised on yours ( i read your forum post); my blog is and my etsy is

although if you visit you will see that i am just now getting into the blog scene! :X and am fairly new to etsy as well; so i am sure i will get better about both in the coming days/weeks/ years :)

are you a full-timer? i just made the leap a couple weeks ago and ive never been happier. (broke-er but happier lol) good luck with your craft! i will follow up with your coming posts as well.

one love,


flora said...

lovely blog!