Sunday, January 24, 2016

Back on with the blog ! (Or how to take good resolutions for the New Year)

Looks like I keep going on and off on this blog...
I have to say so much happened in the last 2 years.. Moving (twice) my home & workshop, have a (beautiful) baby, getting in phase with a new rythm, a new place, and much more ;)
And my one of my 2016 resolutions is to get back on with the blog !

The official sales period is still going on until February 16th in France - but I will probably end them a little sooner. There are still a few super discounted creations, (designs I won't make anymore for example, or older designs) which you can find online on my webshop, or on Etsy.
For example,  

 A Louise blouse, in a lovely vintage floral patterned satin, with blue and pink flowers on a caramel background. I really fell for this vintage supple fabric, an amazing find - there was unfortunately not enough of it to make anything else. I paired it with a blue cotton blend I bought during a holiday trip to India. I don't even understand why this one has not sold.. If it was my size, I'd have kept it a long time ago, rather than discount it !

A Nathalie bolero, last one from the series of boleros I made after the last collection video. I loved this pale grey floral fabric , medium-weight, perfect to warm up an outfit. On the picture, it was worn with a floral corset dress (already sold).

The last Celia skirt in stock - in a lovely pink mesh with a raised lace pattern, fully lined with a pale grey linen. It's a super small size, unfortunately too small for me to keep ...

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