Monday, June 24, 2013

Fashion trends for summer

Tired of grey out and cold that freeze your nose in two seconds ... ?

Sunny days are arriving soon (hopefully :/ ) ! And Summer clothing will make you smile  :)

On all the famous podiums, at the Fashion Weeks in Paris or Milan, we saw art, fabrics, fashion trends...
Lots of intense colors and floral patterns: green, yellow, blue! There is something for everyone !!

Unmissable yellow: 

Sofa, lamp...  Anything goes !
A yellow Malam skirt to wear and bring the sun in your day ;)

Flower Power: 

Wonderful assymetrical skirt with floral pattern to brighten up our summer  :)

Short floral cloche skirt by Malam.

Oh !! Wall paper are also in fashion :)  Do you need flowers you want, here they are !
Photo crédit. Castorama 

Well, colors are very nice, but fortunately for our wardrobe lace and ruffles are also out for this season

Delicateness and refinement HELLO :)

The light pink headband is perfect for original weddings
Crédit. Maison & Objet

Lace and beige/pink tons for this original and delicious skirt by Malam

Ruffles and lace are here too

Furniture love... light tones and lace bedspreads.
Crédit. Zara Home

And plaid comes back younger and more trendier than never !

See by yourself:

Pretty plaid dress by Malam (prototype)
Detail of plaid and lace dress for an awesome result !

Even bags are getting into the checkered look ! And it's prettier than beach bags :)
Crédit. BalenciagaTendances

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