Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter sales : get your unique Malam piece...

I have to say... Well done for overcoming everything last December !

After the risky “Christmas presents” episode, the New Year dinner worthy of the French TV Show “Un diner Presque parfait”, the NYE party emotion, and the Mayas Calendar frightening foresights, you surely need a bit of REST as well as to TREAT YOURSELF.

 No joke, we'll take care of EVERYTHING !

The idea being forgetting what went a little awry, treating and taking care of yourself... The easiest method ?

First step : Go into your sofa with a computer in one hand. A little click on your favorite website and you've been teleported in a fairytale world ! And it's not even a dream !

What would you think about a fairy selection of pretty designs ON SALE to wear about ? There are unusual jackets for chic ladies, wonderful dresses all set out to please you, accessories galore seeking an owner, colorful patchwork bags, and vintage floral skirts for the most romantic of us.

Second step : Treat yourself !! As your 11th New Year resolution read, right before "eating organic food"  and "stopping to skip breakfast just to stay longer in bed", there was : To find great things to purchase ON SALE not to overshoot your "clothes budget" this year. And handmade of course !

MALAM is bending over backwards to give you a golden solution with MINI PRICES (up to -60% on some products !).


Look at the Cupcake dress , all pink... with its lacy details and well-cut shape !

As far as the patchwork bag is concerned, he really cling to your shoulder or eventually your dressing door ! 

Third Step : Order and quietly wait for the MALAM fairy fingers to bring you back your lovely package. And here is the recipe of a SUCCESSFUL WINTER SALES MISSION

Without  lifting a finger ! Almost :)
Have you got your package yet ? MALAM is on the way :)

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