Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer and Party Strapless dresses

Strapless dresses, my top pick for the day !
It is indeed a must have… how can you live without one?? That's definitely impossible.

Because :
*its cut is to die for, a perfect fit, a real (yeah, you can find false ones...) strapless dress that makes you even more pretty and shape your body.
*some pieces, such as this one, are exceptional : a very trendy print but that no one has in his closet and this... is magic, such a wonderful feeling.
Trendy but different!
* this very print is full of memorey. And I dare say that this is a print of the collective memory but not "has been".

Let's just say that this is every woman's dream: pretty styling, perfect fit, not looking like everyone else and having your own style… so next year and the year after, you will wear your dress again, which will always be as pretty as today and always as exceptional (just like you)!!

And you can also find in the shop other strapless bustier dresses with other prints and colors... Pure happiness, let me tell you ;-)

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