Monday, July 16, 2012

High-waisted - Focus on skirts


Whether the temperatures are high or low, skirts must be worn in Girlsland, well maybe not everyday but you definitely have to show your beautiful legs! Here we are in love with skirts and even more fond of playing with them... You can find treasures such as Malam's wrapped skirt, in limited edition, and inimitable cuts... we all know them well, we like and totally love them!
And now you can also find the high-waisted skirt collection...

 You really become addicted to it instantly. I insist as having a Malam high-waisted skirt is just magic: whether it's day or night, on high or flat heels, at winter or summer time... A high-waisted skirt with uspenders is the new MUST HAVE of your wardrobe!

You choose. But don't hesitate to ask Marie that will help you choose an original high-waisted skirt with a smile. Your perfect choice made to measurements... Good shopping! ;)

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