Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dressing co(l)de... Winter outfits

It was looking like winter had not started, and we would not get one after all... But this proved wrong!

It's now so cold here... who will be wanting to buy swimsuits, light trousers or summer dresses now, unless shortly leaving for two weeks in Thailand... who? Not me, that's for sure! (Well, I'd gladly go to a sunny place, and who knows, I might be struck with love at first sight for a piece of clothing...) 

So.. here's my own Malam Dressing cold .. code,  sorry ;) Or how to be stylish without shivering (and this is quite difficult to achieve, because fashion really does not care whether you're cold or not, apart from specialists of sexy ski outfits:) )

A lovely, girly high waisted skirt, in pinkish , spring tones, because the sun is here nonetheless...

with a cute, long sleeved top, in a floral light pink jersey, as spring-y as the skirt... A girly outfit, but still not "too much"...

On top of this, you can add a Chameleon wrap in black or khaki green (you can choose the color), and tights (personnally, I'd even wear a pair of thigh high socks above the tights! ).

Then, a pair of furry boots, and a long hooded Camille coat …and then farewell to the cold !

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Jenny K. said...

Your designs are very cute. I love it