Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fingerless Gloves or "You went out without your gauntlets?"

- « You went out without your Malams ???  (understand by this "your gauntlets")

- Yes…my BFF never gave them back to me... »

Avoid reliving this awful situation by starting a collection of Malam fingerless gauntlets, it's useful and trendy ;-)

Little reminder about gauntlets (fingerless gloves) :

Absolutely essential fashion accessories, which punctuate your outfit with a personal hence exceptional touch. In a more pragmatic way, these are gloves with no delimitations for fingers, and as a Malam essential since 2008, they only cover the palm and above the hand, closing around it with a metal snap. The little detail : the finishing cuff. For maximum comfort, they are fully lined. Do not hesitate to wear them above your own fingered gloves.

For every day, seven pairs should be enough (or less, of course, but it's quite nice to have the choice ;-)) and for exceptional days, get yourself your own special pair, with custom fabrics, colors, details... You can also offer a pair to your sweetheart. Assorted to yours ... or not... depending on his/her taste (and of yours).

Lacy, colorful, or more classical... think about your little hands...

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Rosachiara said...

I love your creations!! They're so original!
I have a blog where I show the garment which I sew! If you want visit it, I'll be so happy :)
CONFETTURA ROSA- HandMade Clothing
ps. I follow you ;)