Saturday, May 19, 2012

Floral or plaid? ... Or both?

Gantelets tartan écossais bleu pétrole
Something is in the air... a spring feeling !!!  (at last... )
Have you noticed it ?
And something else as well ...

You see them everywhere... you like them, or not... and if not, you might change your mind when looking at the Lost dolls collection... Little flowers... And tartan patterns...
 Because on Malam pieces, floral prints are different, because of vintage, unique and quality prints.

And this changes everything, it's fashion but not sheep-like, trendy but not Miss Everyone. And this, we LOVE.
You think about English cottages, Laura and Vivienne, punk... yes, Malam style is also so British!
Personnally I wear both floral and plaid prints at the same time. But you can have a more decisive vision on this and totally refuse to mix the styles...

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Nomadic Tara said...

Love the retro floral one!