Thursday, January 5, 2012

The perfect outfit for New Year Ceremonies...

After midnight has struck, once everyone is kissed and blessed for 2012... You're not finished with ceremonials...

Now starting the happy dance of "Best wishes" happenings from the City Mayor, the High School officer, your small or big boss.... And here's come the panic! All lost, your legs begin trembling, "I have nothing to wear...."

Don’t worry…

Malam is here... Here's a little shopping for the new Year :

We have selected for you a unique, rock’n’chic piece, the magical stole which magnifies any outfit!

With this exceptional piece (let's just note it is handmade from vintage fur pieces aged more than 40 years old,  it made more sense to recycle it than throw it away right?), and for a Malam -chic silhouette:

You can wear it with a hooded black dress and a black swallowtail jersey vest : If you're the classical style, with black tights, and if you're not, then open style! Brick red, purple tights, as you want...) .Then choose between pumps and boots (with or without heels).  
gilet redingote queue de pie noirrobe noire soirée capuche de lutin

And if you're not too much into Malam- chic, but more into Malam-(chic-)boho :

Then wear it with fitted and flared Seven overalls, and an intemporal Wrap shrug...
salopette ajustée femme
cache coeur cameleon jersey

For a little fashion detail, you could wear a vintage silk lavallière under your overalls... I can't say I imagined this design to be worn with feminine high heels (see pics), but the amazing feminine cut makes it totally wearable with heels, heavy boots or Converse... Everything will be just perfect!
Whether you're wearing small heels, boots, old shoes, overalls, or shrugs... we wish you to be yourself in Malam!  Happy Malam 2012 to each and everyone of you!

PS : and good luck for all your New Year Wishes ceremonies.…

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