Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to accessorize a dress - 3 different styles

On this rainy Sunday (if this is summer, what is winter going to be like??.. :-/), I decided to inaugurate a new category: how to wear one item of Malam clothing in three different styles :)

Today is : How to wear a fairy dress

short purple dress by French fashion designer Malam

Malam painted dress
Malam hooded short jacket
Black mid-calf boots bought in Prague

Plaid tartan pinup dress by French designerMalam painted dress 
Handmade silver vintage lace embroidered necklace by Nevaleen, bought in Paris
Purple and Black lace patterned high-heeled shoes by Inamagura, bought in Köln

Rock plaid checkered dress by French designer
Malam painted short dress
Malam black capri pants
Bershka soft leather jacket
Thrifted high heeled small boots

What is your favorite style among the three?
And how would YOU wear it yourself?


mary jane said...

very cool! your work is amazing..i love the last look!
mary jane

Beth said...

I really like the casual look you have. Very nice!

fly tie said...

oh, i love versatile clothing. i'd go with the first look.

Karma by Morgan said...

very nice!

Star of the East said...

Always love to match cloths in different ways, you gave some great examples :)

Brandon said...

Very cute! I dig the last style


Estela said...

This is such a good idea to show different ways people can wear your clothes! My favorite is the first one since that is similar to my style. I would wear it with a cardigan and mid calf boots.
Beautiful dress btw!

elizabethjayne said...

Ooh, the second one...but probably not in the rain hehe. You do such excellent work!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you liked MaryJayne's cards! It's always fun to get international visitors too :)

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Good job, thanks for the tips.

~ alison said...

oh, I love this first dress. Very cute.

Amanda said...

I like the pin up version the best. I think I would wear it like that, with skirts underneath. But maybe a little more casual, with a sweater on top.

Just thought I'd let you know the crocus earrings are no longer on hold:

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

This is fabulous!!! Very talented indeed. Just love your style and fashion ideas!

elleabelle said...

I like the casual look, that is totally my style...but I would wear black tights and black knee boots!!

Punkv0uge said...

first look is fab! I really like your work.

Tepi said...

Ooo, thanks for this! Please do more. I love clothes but have trouble putting outfits together.

Vera said...

your dresses are so pretty, I don't even want to pair them up with anything else! Pin-up is probably my favorite from the three, since I would get to show off the dress! Good luck in your show!


greavesdesign said...

I love your work! My choice would be #1. I love the cropped sweater/jacket and the boots make it casual and flattering on the leg. (my best feature)!